The Alchemy of Imperfection
The Alchemy of Imperfection
Empowerment Through Theater, Community and Dialogue

To build community and constructive dialogue about gender equality, diversity and new vision through theater and literary salons.


The Single Most Important Factor that Determines the Violence of a Nation is the Violence Against Females in the Home.

In an Era When a Leader of the Free World is Bragging About Grabbing Women by the Pussy

This Multi-Media Performance by Writer/Director Cara Cruickshank illuminates the inner experiences of modern women around the world as they reach for greater freedom. Starring an International Cast, it explores difficult questions and challenges current social norms.


What happens when women speak and act truthfully? What are the consequences when we don't? What is the cost of aiming for perfection?





“A surprising performance of striking beauty that grabs you not only by the senses but also by the brain cells”

— Igor Versteeg, European and Comparitive Law


“I felt like every scene was taken out of my personal journal. Every day I struggle with my identity…it was encouraging to be reminded that I am not alone, that there is hope in living life fully, the way I want to live it.”

—   -Lily C., University Student, L.A.


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